Voyage On The Seven Seas

Now your little one's eager to get moving, channel that energy with all hands on deck and transform an ordinary rainy day into an extraordinary voyage on the seven seas.

Tiptoe through the raindrops and splish splosh in the puddles with your little one at the helm.

Inspiration for your voyage

  • The Sea

    The Sea

    Find the best puddles to jump in and make a splash (wellies and a rain suit may help). If it's not raining, try a washing up bowl or paddling pool with you there to help.

  • Boats


    It's race time! Choose your leafy boats and race them across the water. Help your toddler bounce up and down to push the boats along.

  • The Treasure

    The Treasure

    Use an empty Growing Up Milk box to collect colourful bits of nature: twigs, dandelions, daisies – whoever wins the race, gets the treasure.

  • Pirate's Tankard

    Pirate's Tankard

    As your little pirate starts cruising along, Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk has Calcium & Vitamin D for normal bone development, as part of a varied, balanced diet.

Create Your Storybook Here

Take a photo of your little pirate and we'll create your very own 'Voyage on the Seven Seas' storybook, like the one below. Perfect bedtime reading.

Tip! Take a landscape photo with your toddler in the centre.

Not Ready Yet?

Come back and find us once you've sailed the seven seas: You could even bookmark the page to find it easily or search for 'Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk moments.'