The Secret Den

Now your little one's starting to interact with everything and everyone, make bedtime stories extra special and super cosy. Just whip an ordinary blanket over your heads for an extraordinary secret den.

Read a book together by the calming light of the moon, before they doze off into dreamland zzzz.

Inspiration For Your Den

  • The Den

    The Den

    Who doesn't love snuggling under a blanket? So with your head as the tent pole, huddle into the easiest den you've ever made.

  • Moonlight


    Grab a torch and read a story by moonlight - see if your toddler can mimic the words, or point to any pictures along the way.

  • Trusty Flask

    Trusty Flask

    As your happy camper starts talking and understanding more, Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk contains Iron to support normal cognitive development, as part of a varied, balanced diet.

Create your storybook HERE

Take a photo of your happy camper and we'll create your very own 'Secret Den' storybook, like the one below. Perfect bedtime reading.

Tip! Take a landscape photo with your toddler in the centre.

Not Ready Yet?

Come back and find us once you've hidden in your secret den: You could even bookmark the page to find it easily or search for 'Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk moments.'