Mission to the Moon

Now your little one loves going where no man has been before, why not turn an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary mission to the moon?

Create a land of stars and planets from everyday things, and get them toddling and giggling along with googly aliens for company (aka you).

One small step for toddler, one giant leap for toddlerhood.

Inspiration for your mission

  • Astronaut's Helmet

    Astronaut's Helmet

    Every trip to the moon needs a trusty plastic colander. With your help, it’ll be straight on their head, just like those bowls of spag bol.

  • Moon Rocks

    Moon Rocks

    Get them to scrunch up tin foil into balls and drop them into a crater (an old Growing Up Milk box) across the room. Your job? Chasing them as ‘Chief Alien’.

  • Stars


    Take time out for star-gazing. Put gold glitter into a plastic bottle of water, screw the lid on tight, shake and watch it sparkle.

  • Astronaut Drink

    Astronaut Drink

    As your little astronaut starts to toddle, Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk contains Calcium & Vitamin D for normal bone development, as part of a varied, balanced diet.

Create Your Storybook Here

Take a photo of your little astronaut and we'll create your very own 'Mission to the Moon' storybook, like the one below. Perfect bedtime reading.


Tip! Take a landscape photo with your toddler in the centre.

Not Ready Yet?

Come back and find us once once you've been to the moon: https://moments.cowandgate.co.uk You could even bookmark the page to find it easily or search for 'Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk moments.'