The Magic Castle

Now your little one’s becoming independent and starting to stand on their own two feet, an ordinary cardboard box can become an extraordinary magic castle.

So create a land where your little king or queen rules the roost with a big smile, ready to defend you both from dragons.

Inspiration for Your Castle

  • A Castle

    A Castle

    Transform a cardboard box with a quick tear here and a scribble there – you'll have turrets and a drawbridge in no time.

  • Flowers & Vines

    Flowers & Vines

    A bit of ‘handy’ work can turn plain castle walls into a magical masterpiece. How about green painty handprints for vines, and red for flowers?

  • The Dragon

    The Dragon

    Find a sock (preferably green!) and hey presto - a sock puppet dragon ready to say ‘boo’ to your toddler.

  • Golden Goblet

    Golden Goblet

    As your little king or queen starts to stand on their own, Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk has Calcium & Vitamin D for normal bone development, as part of a varied, balanced diet.

Create your storybook HERE

Take a photo of your little king or queen and we’ll create your very own ‘Magic Castle’ storybook, like the one below. Perfect bedtime reading.

Tip! Take a landscape photo with your toddler in the centre.

Not Ready Yet?

Come back and find us once you've had fun in your magic castle: You could even bookmark the page to find it easily or search for 'Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk moments.'