First Sell Out Gig

Now your little one's babbling is turning them into a true performer, it's easy to transform a few ordinary things into an extraordinary musical line-up.

So take to the stage at home, with you on backing vocals and your toddler beaming in the spotlight. You can even share your best moves for a wobbly boogie together.

Inspiration for Your Sell Out Gig

  • The Drums

    The Drums

    Big pans, little pans, metal spoon, wooden spoon, even an empty Growing Up Milk box - try banging super softly and seriously loud!

  • A Microphone

    A Microphone

    It makes me louder? Every toddler's dream. Make funny words and noises through a cardboard tube and see if they can copy.

  • A Guitar

    A Guitar

    Stretch a few big elastic bands securely across a plastic pot or old hanky box and let your toddler gently twang the strings.

  • Backstage Drink

    Backstage Drink

    As your little performer starts saying their first words, Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk contains Iron to support normal cognitive development, as part of a varied, balanced diet.

Create Your Storybook Here

Take a photo of your little performer and we'll create your very own 'First Sell-out Gig' storybook, like the one below. Perfect bedtime reading.

Tip! Take a landscape photo with your toddler in the centre.

Not Ready Yet?

Come back and find us once you've made some music: You could even bookmark the page to find it easily or search for 'Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk moments.'