We'd like to help you turn everyday situations into extraordinary moments.

So have fun with our inspiration and take a photo of your toddler in action. We'll add some magic to create a personalised storybook for you both to re-live it all at bedtime.

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Extraordinary moments are all about making the most of this new toddling, giggling and chattering, now your little one's starting to do more.


The More They Do, The More They Need

Now your toddler's turning one, dodging dragons and zooming into space, they need lots of support, love and a variety of foods to help them along the way.

That's why Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk contains key nutrients to support little explorers, as part of a varied, balanced diet:

  • Calcium & Vitamin D for normal bone development
  • Iron to support normal cognitive development
Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk
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